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Starting to really like Olynyk

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

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    Olynyk kind of reminds me of Greg Kite (short arms/weak D around the rim) with a little Laimbeer (not strong athletically but good outside shot). He'll be able to dance with Bosh around the perimeter but he's far from the inside presence/rebounder we desparately need and Melo still looks like a major project.


    You can't be serious. Tell me you are joking because this post is preposterous!

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

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    In response to Mployee8's comment:





    On Thursday, June 27, the Celtics entered the 2013 NBA draft with the No. 16 pick. Not too many people were sure what player Boston would select, but most knew that the Dallas Mavericks were hoping to get out of the first round. The Celtics then sent their No. 16 pick and two second-rounders in 2014 to the Mavericks for the No. 13 overall selection. Therefore, Dallas originally drafted Kelly Olynyk, but he ultimately wore green at the end of the night.

    Then the next day, I was listening to a podcast hosted by David Locke, the Utah Jazz radio play-by-play announcer. He said that the Jazz had Olynyk participate in their usual ‘Jazz 100’ shooting drill and the Canadian performed spectacularly:

    [Skip to 9:08 in video]

    Locke explains,

    “The Jazz really wanted, and I think expected, to get Kelly Olynyk at the 14th pick…The Jazz put Kelly Olynyk through a workout. They put all the guys that come in for workouts – the guards do something called the ‘Jazz 100.’ It is 100 3-point shots in a short period of time, taking 10 [shots] from 10 different spots in 10 different manners on the floor, so some can be coming off a pick-and-roll; some can be spot-ups where it is kicked out to you; some can be fading into the corner; [and] some are trailing in transition.”

    For guards, they attempt all 3-pointers while the big men usually shoot long two-point field goals. However, the Jazz decided that the seven-footer from British Columbia would shoot 3-pointers.

    Locke continues,

    “Talking to Olynyk after the draft, no other team had him take more than five three’s by the time he had come to Salt Lake City. His next spot, by the way, leaving Salt Lake was to go to Boston. This is important. In the workout with the Jazz, Olynyk hits, I think it was, 63 of 100 three’s, which was like the second-most amount of three’s that anyone hit.”

    Olynyk’s performance in this shooting drill must make Celtics fans smile, especially after he attempted only 30 shots from 3-point distance in 845 minutes on the court as a junior at Gonzaga. In addition, Olynyk’s scoring prowess at the hoop is another important part of his package as an offensive player. The 2012-13 Celtics were a great midrange shooting team, but Olynyk will help usher in the new era with strong scoring in the paint and from beyond the arc.



    63% on threes.



    That is really impressive for a big man.

    Kinda explains why Danny used the the two 2014 2nd rounders to move up to #13 .... He must have known what the Jazz knew.


    I guess so but why was DA so luke warm on him after the draft? He kind of described Olynyk more as a reluctant pick rather than a first round target worthy of the 2 extra picks. Damn, your article pumps up the fan base more than DA's post draft presser did.

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

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    Well I just watched a bunch of stuff on this kid because I was intrigued that we traded up to get him (I haven't lost all faith in Ainge yet). What I saw was a kid that is slow, can't jump and is lacking in athletism. I can't see a lot of the way he's scoring points working in the NBA. I can't picture him beating anyone in this league off the dribble. I can't see him getting rebounds, blocking shots or being able to play defense. I think we just drafted a poor man's Dino Radja.



    Dino "The Legend" Radja..LMFAO!!!!


    Very mature...

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

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    To whoever said he didn't play with good guards, I'd like to disagree.  I don't know about their draft status but for college players I thought they were pretty good.  One guy was deadeye, but more of a scoring guard.  Wasn't Stockton on the bench too?

    anyway, I don't remember the zags having a weak core of guards.  Personally I think he was drafted about right.  


    I was thinking the same thing.

    Still, I like this kid. He made a tough decision to sit out of 2011 and work on himself. He came out of nowhere this year and was something crazy like 60% from the field. He was getting like 18 and 8 while only playing 30 minutes. He is a great passer, heady player, great handle and shoot from anywhere on the floor, and oh yeah by the way he's also 7 feet.

    He is not Roy Hibbert. He is the anti-Roy. He is not athletic, not going to rim protect, not going to pull a KG and get you 18 rebounds in a game. 

    To me, worst case scenerio, he is a Matt Bonner.

    Best case, as he said to Simmons, is Best player in the world:

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

    Sorry but if you guys think a 7 foot power forward who averaged 33% from 3 point land, 78% on free throws, 63% from the floor, averaged almost block and a steal a game from a team with a 32-3 record is a bad pick in today's NBA than you should probably retire from broadcasting.   At worst he becomes a solid role player, at best who knows, but you can win games hitting doubles and triples, you don't always have to hit a home run to be successful.

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk


    i think he has the intangibles  that eric montross and greg kite never had   I think he will be a good steady player


    After the Mavericks finished off the sweep, Magic Johnson said that the Lakers "embarrassed the organization" and called the fouls on Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum "classless."

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    Re: Starting to really like Olynyk

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    Eric Montross and Greg Kite were never known for offense.

    Olynyk's strength is putting the ball in the basket.

    So definitely Olynyk is no Montross or Kite.

    No! He can shoot!

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