think about it. u pair him up with the rondo and this here team has mo tude than any hip hop act going! plaus we add more size to the guard position. u can bring him off the bench or play him at the 3 in a 3 guard lineup. sneds a loud message to the rest of the league. many may hate his antics but lance's the kinda guy (a la tony allen) who you love when he's on ur team. that 5 year plan just got got if u bring in th elance. he plays defense and brings in effort and major swag. plus he can also play you some point guard when rr is hurt or in th elast few secs when rr's free throws b u can dangle up AB, the green, and others out there in the trade market for a love or another type like him incl david lee or just to get more #1s.. lance is young enough to build around for 3 years as u get great. plus it allows u to trade a rr if need be. frankly, i dont see the downside!

if ur going to lose, do so with style dawg. this puts up in the lower rung of playoff teams automatically. puts us in the game!

"Bringing strong vodka to the Boston Sports Kool-aid Party (esp Big4)"

..and that's da Bawston SPORTS bottom line for the Commy says so! COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY COMMY CONTRARIAN, HE COMES AND GOES, HE COMES AND GOES...

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