STERLING: "$2b is an outrage!"

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    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    tells u a lot about this jabro.. going after his wife as well. i dont think he's crazy, just a human failing. being exposed now. been doing this for years. shocked V wasnt there as an "assistant" to help comfort him esp in the bathroom during breaks.. just sayin! thinks $5b is about right. the yankees and lakers aint worth that much on the market. u kiddin me?

    If you think Sterling really believes this and isnt using the $5b as one of many tools to throw out there and blow up this deal his wife made, then youre a goofy as you think he is.

    Frankly, I hope Sterling succeeds in stopping the theft of his team.

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    Sterling is poison to the league. Until recently, he's never had any desire to put a winning team on the floor as long as he was turning a profit. Besides, one team per city is enough and Los Angeles is a Lakers town. 

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    I agree with you both...he IS a poison to the NBA, and I also hope he stops the theft of his team and keeps them....thereby driving the coach and his best players from the team and resulting in the C's gain from much better draft picks!