Relax Celtics Nation. The Celtics will not beat the Heat or the Refs or Commisioner Stern for that matter. Stern wants LeBron in the Finals and that's that. By the Way New Orleans, owned by the league, get the first pick in the Drafty. Big surprise there. 

Just look at the Technicals called, Fouls called, Free throw attempts, who fouled out of Games etc. etc.

It's totally slanted in the Heat's favor.

Rondo gets hit in the head and NO foul. LeBron goes to the line 20+ times.
It just really, really sucks.

I feel bad for Rondo tonight and the entire team. I just wish that Doc, for once, would get himself kicked out of the Game to make a statement for the next game. Red Auerbach did that quite a bit and he won plenty of NBA Championships. If his team played sluggish or if the Refs were controlling the game he would get himself kicked out. If only Doc could do that.

Ugghhh !