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Still hatin'

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    Still hatin'

       Again on JG.   Hey I can't help it.   He gives good material every game.   In the +/- pt differential in the box scores against the Bucks, JG was -19!!!   LSanders (who?) was +18.   LSanders got 19 rebounds and shot 5fts!   JG took 3 3s, no fts, and 6 boards.   Now, I didn't watch the game, but I can guess the JG got manhandled by LS.   You can't teach toughness.   Either you have it or not.   And JG doesn't.   Didn't have it for Georgetown nor OKC.   And, DA didn't see that (cause he don't know how to evaluate NBA players).   Doc can talk toughness till he's blue in the lips.   Ain't gonna get it outa JG.

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    Re: Still hatin'

    No doubt Sanders plays a tougher game but I thought Green played beter than any other Celtic