Still missing Perk?

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    Re: Still missing Perk?

    I don't think guys that are big on offense, and stats will ever like Perk.

    Defense is hard, and usually, without much glory. We may miss him if we make it to the finals.
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    Re: Still missing Perk?

    Perk was obviously more than points and rebounds.... all the starters were really affected by his absence .... Even if you guys don't miss Perk, those guys do!
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    Re: Still missing Perk?

    Trading Perk literally placed the Celtics in a battle for 2nd place in the East...maybe even third.  They've lost what, 4 games in the standings since the trade?  5?

    One of the worst decisions DA has ever made in the short term.  In the long term, it has the makings of a pretty good trade.  But it probably means sacrificing this season to get there.  JO is done; Shaq's health is unclear.  Without both of these guys, the C's will not get far in the playoffs.  Even if we see JO on the court, it will be to absorb fouls and get some boards.  But those who thought he could contribute at a high level this season didn't watch him play when he was "healthy".  He's got nothing left.

    There are tons of people out there ready to flame at the slightest suggestion that this team is fading.  But realism still has to play a part in this stretch run:  Neither the pie-eyed optimists nor the negativists are in the right here.