Strategic Considerations

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    Re: Strategic Considerations

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    We all know that the Celtics will need a quality starting center in order to compete with elite teams.  Garnett is old. We don't have a legit center on the roster.  Melo is an unknown, but anything worse than Perkins is unacceptable and Melo isn't even close to Perkins. 

    I see the following possibilities:

    1.  Danny just sits still, writes this year off, and begins serious rebuilding by targeting our BIG in FA or in trade after this season. 

    2.  Danny gets an acceptable multi-player deal in place by the Feb deadline for a high quality center like Cousins or Gortat and gives up quality Celtics players, which may include one or more of the following:  Pierce, Rondo, Green, Bradley, Sully.

    3.  Danny may just want to put a short term bandaid in the middle, with someone like Denver back-up Mosgov, to compete at an acceptable level and not anger the fans (and best case make the East finals) thinking that either Melo or Mosgov can be trade bait next year in a serious rebuilding effort.

    Since we didn't do a deal by Jan 15, I'm thinking that track 3. is most likely and given Barbosa's trade request, I wouldn't be surprised to see a straight-up Barbosa for Mosgov trade (or addl junk to make the financial transaction work) in the near term.  

    As a side note: I also think Danny needs to look closely at Doc.  He drove Barbosa out. and I strongly suspect Doc is the reason that Milicic left, who must have been Danny's temporary solution in the middle.  and Ray signing for less money with Miami also says something about the coach. But most of all, Doc does not do well with young players. He is a veteran's coach and not the best fit in a rebuilding effort IMO.





    interesting. So the Miami Heat have a quality starting center?



    They have Lebron James, the best player on the planet (it isn't even close) who can play all positions on both ends of the floor.


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    Re: Strategic Considerations

    I would love for them to turn Barbosa and Bass into a real starting Center. He doesn't have to be a star, but a big guy who can board and score a little bit would be ideal. The biggest issue I see with the C's is that KG's go to move is that 15 foot jumper. He's typically money, but whenever he misses that shot, it's almost always a turnover. When your C is that far from the basket, it's tough to get that rebound. A Sully/ KG combo helps to negate that, but Bass isn't grabbing that board. That shot is much better coming from a PF.


    C _____/Collins/Wilcox/(Melo?)

    PF KG/Sully

    SF PP/Green

    SG Bradley/Lee

    PG Rondo/Terry

    That's a team that I would be very comfortable with, especially if said center is fairly young. You can go big, you can go small, you can go veteran, and you can go young. There's really not many types of lineups that you can't match up with. I doubt that gets you Cousins...unless you throw in solid amounts of picks, which I don't like, but I think that it might snag Gortat.