In Response to Re: subtraction by addition Rose for Rondo:
In Response to Re: subtraction by addition Rose for Rondo : Please, please, please...... about 2% of the guys in the NBA could have ever gotten into college without their scholarship, when you are so lazy that you name people with the initial of their first name and the first syllable of their last name, when you think the phrase "yaimean" is punctuation, when you think "noimsain" is punctuation" and your interviews include and endless list of cliches spoken in ebonics......  please alert some of them that the word game does not end in the letter n, please alert them that me and you cannot start a sentence.... The way to knock down Rose as the MVP candidate is to somehow suggest that he is not too bright, these are the same people that would have you believe Rondo is some sort of genius because he passes algebra or something like that. Let's face it if the white audience walked away they would all be asking do you want fries with that shake. At least Semih was one guy that got a jersey number somewhere near his IQ, oh wait, they all do........
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