Sullinger should be the only untouchable player on the Celtics roster right now....unless some team offers an insane deal.  I used to include Bradley, but his injury history has me wondering whether or not he'll ever be availble for a full 82 game season.  Rondo is their most valuable piece and I believe should be traded.  This team is not 3 years away from contending and I do not want Rondo after his current contract is up.  I do not want to have to give a 30 year old Rondo a max deal.  I would trade him now because his value is probably at it's all time high and the Celtics need to start rebuilding.  If we could score Brandon Knight and Drummond for some package including Rondo, I would do that in a second.  In fact, I would gladly swap rosters with the Detroit Pistons right now.  Detroit is closer to contention than the Celtics right now.