Sullinger Theory

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    Re: Sullinger Theory

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment:

    Sullinger, Green, Crawford, Oly....................

    Pair them with Rondo and it's not bad....

    We need a legit scorer, like Evan Turner.

    With Rondo, Turner, Green, Sully and Oly and  a bench of Crawford, Fav and maybe Saric...that's not a bad team in the bad East!

    MIA may break up

    CHI may be done

    IND?  Still good

    We could be good next year with some smart moves, and some smarter deletions!

    Evan Turner legit scorer? a little far there. he can do all things Green can but actually plays with a motor so that means he rebounds and since he's a 2 he assists as well