For footing the bill to bring this tremendous collection of team players, and furthermore bringing them back again.  Halftime, much time to go, scary calls and non calls thus far. 
   Yet to the post theme, I know more about Russell's Celtics, or Cowen's Celtics, or Bird's Celtics then this team.  Win or lose, and we all know the probabilities, actually have seen them exceeded, what a thrill to watch a team play together.  Had Perkins stayed healthy, we beat the Lakers in that game six or game seven loss.  Had Perkins been here, the series would be over.  If Jeff Green was here, the series -to my eyes would be over.
   Growing up with shots by Don Nelson, Paul Silas, Dennis Johnson , and of course by the bigger stars - makes one generation slip into another watching Bass excel, or old Ray Allen run a beautiful curl.
   The Thunder seems unbeatable, tremendous challenge all ready with the Heat, and a seeming bias (again to my prejudice eyes) to want the Heat/Thunder match up.  This team causes the same lump in throat, the same palpitations as shot goes airward, as watching Bill Russell trying to dribble down Mel Counts in 1969 when Wilt was in foul troubles (if memory serves correctly), or Cowens shooting over Kareem.  
   Here is hoping.  Yet more than that -here are thanks for so much all ready accomplished.  Along with that, tremendous compliments to Doc Rivers. A very enjoyable run with this group.