Thank you, Gerald Wallace

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    Re: Thank you, Gerald Wallace

    Kirk ... you must remember that the Fungus is onboard the 10 year rebuild-to-contender bandwagon. He has no concept of rebuilding within 3 yrs. He's a student of history that doesn't live in the new world. Must be his Euro-Asian roots. Technology, modern medicine (Sully & Rondo ???) as well as the new CBA has turned the process on its heels. Shorter contracts, lower max salaries, new S&T rules and luxury taxes mean more player movement and faster decision making which leads to mistakes. A good GM will be able to take advantage of this new era and capitalize quickly unless he himself makes a huge mistake. That mistake could be throwing the baby out with the bath water to gamble on draft picks as a means to an end. Danny's a degenerate gambler but I feel confident that based on his most recent decisions (Stevens/Analytics Asst/KG&PP Trade) that Danny has embraced the "new rules" and can negotiate his way to success.