This year has been quite a trip for us Celtic Fans.

In spite of a short season ( no practice), injuries..Green, Wilcox, Bradley and with zero real exspectations, We FANS have been treated to one of the best!! Boston Celtic seasons in  my recollection. ( I was a Tommy fan back in the day),
 The heart of this team has provided extreme entertainment and valiant effort and courage  that would be hard to surpass.

I don't know where the ref's influence and the league (Stearn) dictation fits in (I know it does), but in my opinion this effort has been right up there with the best Celtics teams that I have followed over the years. I do believe it is fixed AT THIS POINT though!

Thanks Guys for a brave and dedicated effort and in spite of all the diversity,one of the BEST! seasons that I have ever witnessed!

Come back if you can and help the C's build and be a part of the continuing legacy.

Best and Thanks,