Just a few random thoughts:

I am, unfortunately, currently living in Florida, and it's been a long time since I have been able to watch a lot of Celtics games.  This year I sprang for League Pass, and I watched at least a portion of every game.  I've had a ball.  So much enjoyment for me.

I've enjoyed stopping by here every day, whether or not I make any comments.  You guys are a lot of fun.

So glad I was wrong about JON's knee.  He really put in some quality time for us in the playoffs.

I was against picking up Shaq in the beginning of the season, then he did well at first, so I thought, "What the heck!"  But it did not work out.  Big gamble; didn't pay off.  I hope Shaq will retire gracefully now.  It would be too sad to see him try to play even one more game.

I'm still not sure what I think about the Perk trade.  At first I thought, "Well I trust Danny, and I like Green and Krystich, maybe it'll work out."  I still think those two guys could be helpful to us.  However, my view now is that I think, whether or not it should have been, the team chemistry was really screwed up by the trade.  Perhaps we should have kept Perk until banner number 18 was in hand.  We'll see what comes.
Happy thought about last night:  Doc pretty sure he'll be back next year, based on his thinking over the past couple of weeks.  I loved in the press conference when he said, "I'm a Celtic.  I love my guys and I love the people I work for." 

Now, it's on to cheering for Chicago in the Eastern Conference Finals and saving my pennies for League Pass next year!