Yes, DA needs to read my forum notes (as if he doesn't already) and heed my advice.   Who kept insisting to resign LPowe (in fact not to get rid of him in the first place).   Outside of Shaq (? who) C's have no post up player.   They keep posting Krystic but, that is not really his game.   Instead DA wanted TMurphy.   For what?!?!   TM has never made the playoffs...he stinks as a player.   Now all of you can see it (hey, I have insight to these things.   "I see good players".   Or bad).   LP and BB were a tandum that couldn't be stopped of the bench when C's were in their heyday).   I can see TM not even being on the C's playoff !   DA wanted another Raef Lafrenz.   And he got one!
   I'm assuming DA's ego was part of not resigning LP.   He didn't want to admit that letting LP go when he signed w/ Cavs was a bad move.   I again feel that DA/Papile are ave or below in judging basketball talent.   Other than KP and RA, he hasn't impressed me.   Any of you could have done that (as well as Shaq) and that was 4yrs ago.   Most since that have been bad moves (including drafting).
   What about Pavlovic?   Another of DA/Papiles great pick-ups!   Another slow, feet in the mud player who is not helping w/ outside shooting.   I guess there is nothing else to say about SP (I wanted the C's to get RButler).