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The Amazing Kobe...

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    Re: The Amazing Kobe...

    In response to Jump-ball-overtime's comment:

    Kobe represents everything that is wrong with the NBA. He is the I in team. If he were not on the Lakers, a team that has the financial resources to suround him with quality minions, (He won't accept others that compete for the spotlight) he would forever be known as selfish scoring machine that never won anything.



    He is the I in team? You mean like, "I won 5 rings"?

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    Re: The Amazing Kobe...

    Gee, according to So Nasty, Celtics fans who only make it to one game this year should be mad win or lose because KG isn't playing

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    Re: The Amazing Kobe...

    If Kome were to paraphrase Atilla the Hun, he might say that: It is not enough that I am the star of the Lakers, every other Laker must fail.

    Has any team offered more promise and less success?

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    Re: The Amazing Kobe...

    Pau Gasol experienced soreness in his injured right foot Saturday after participating in a workout at the Lakers training facility, according to a Lakers spokesman. He will be examined Sunday by Dr. Kenneth Jung, a foot specialist, and a further update will be given Sunday before the Lakers play the Sacramento Kingsat Staples Center.


    Gasol, who has been out with torn plantar fascia in his foot since February 5, had been hoping to return at some point this week, possibly even as soon as Sunday.


    Kobe Bryant, who played only 12 scoreless minutes on a badly sprained ankle Friday night in Indiana, received treatment on his ankle Saturday and is listed by the Lakers as doubtful for Sunday's game against the Kings.


    Bryant initially injured his ankle on the final play of a loss to the Hawks on Wednesday night. He spent two days trying to fight his way back after landing on the foot of Atlanta's Dahntay Jones.


    Bryant also tweeted Saturday night that he has the flu.



    awww poor bryant he sprained his ankle and has the flu.