The Anti-Doc, Stevens goes big in the 4th quarter and wins

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    The Anti-Doc, Stevens goes big in the 4th quarter and wins

    Asked to explain the decision to stick with Faverani in the fourth quarter, Stevens quipped, "Very little brain power put to it. All vision of, ‘Hey, that guy’s really in a nice groove.’ Bass is our best bet on Bargnani, if Jeff Green is going to guard Carmelo. And we’ve got a nice rhythm going. Vitor made a huge 3, made a huge catch-and-finish with a minute to go, but more than anything I felt like we had rim protection at a pretty good level down in the paint with him in the game and we were also rebounding.

    Rim protection and rebounding are important in the 4th quarter? What a concept!

    Rivers never got that.


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    Re: The Anti-Doc, Stevens goes big in the 4th quarter and wins

    In response to melswitt's comment:

    He never had a big to back up KG's defense in the middle...KG isn't Bill Russell as good as he is, and he needs the kind of physical presence that Perk gave him in the middle...Faux Hawk is good aROUND THE BASKET FOR DEFENSE AGAINST A SMALL TEAM, BUT TOUGH BIGMEN WILL OUTDUEL HIM UN TIL HE LEARNS THE nba GAME UNDERNEATH (SORRY caps).. Stevens is a great coach, Faux Hawk will be ok, the C's will win their share of games but against great teams they simply need more "talent" on both ends of the floor.

    Faux Hawk!!  Curious.  What is the origin of that?

    Agree on the last point.  Without knowing anything about what conversations are going on around the league, I think that the Celts will have to develop their "talent".  Sullinger is clearly headed towards being a quality player in the league.  I quite like the idea of acquiring Asik.  A quality big man is much needed for a quality team and the probability that the Celts can get/develop a dominant big man just appears to be too small.  The search for stars will end up at other positions.