The back-up back court

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    The back-up back court

    Straight copy/paste from a comment on Reds Army by RA_PapaIrish:


    My thought is this: Strictly because of financial reasons you have to try and trade Lee, Bass, and Terry. In an ideal world you could package Bass and Lee together to a team with a starting caliber big man that is only making around 8 million: Bass and Lee for Ersan Illysova works, as does the pair for Gortat, Ryan Anderson, Glen Davis, Thad Young, or Sean Marion (Some of those are way more realistic than others but you never know). Those aren't taking into account some S&T possibilities as well. The idea behind this would be trying to cut nearly 4 million in salary while condensing your roster. Ideally it would be better to package Terry and Bass together because Terry will likely be much harder to trade. Lee as a straight salary dump to Memphis might work as they have a TPE from the Rudy Gay trade, he might be especially attractive to them if they lose Tony Allen.

    If you were able to get rid of Bass and Lee, then you would search for a salary dump trade for Terry, possibly to the Rockets where he might fit nicely as a sixth man, for one of their billion cheap power forwards. Trading Terry would likely take a good amount of time however, because teams that "fit" all seem to have cap space and will be going after a big name player in free agency. If they don't get one, they might be willing to settle for the bench scoring of JT as a consolation prize. The Rockets are one possibility I could see that I already mentioned. The Hawks could get caught without a star in FA, and lose Korver chasing one in the process, thus leaving them as a possible fit. The Mavs could flip Mayo in a S&T, or let him walk altogether and opt to re kick the tires with JET depending on some scenarios.

    Another possibility would be to take on salary in a Jason Terry trade. A Jason Terry for Kendrick Perkins deal works straight up, this would rid the Thunder of Perks poor contract, and give them leverage in Kevin Martin negotiations. Trading JET along with guaranteed contracts of DJ white, Shav Randolph, or giving Jordan Crawford or Fab Melo to Dallas for Sean Marion would clear Dallas 3 million more in Cap room as they try to chase a big name free agent again this year.

    Or the Celtics could get really crazy try to flip Bass, Lee, and Terry for one big contract. Bass, Lee, and Terry to a Lakers team that's desperate for depth in exchange for a oft injured Pau Gasol? Bass, Lee, and Terry all fit D'Antoni's system if he is still there, and Bass and Lee have already had some success playing alongside Dwight. Don't tell me you wouldn't be fascinated either watching Pau and Garnett play alongside each other.

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    Re: The back-up back court

    Point of the original article:

    Rondo + Bradley are the starting guards. In an uncertain year, likely without KG and PP, would you rather:

    a. 3M bench back court with Williams & Crawford

    b. 10M bench back court with Terry & Lee


    I think the trades involving (or not) Williams, Crawford, Terry, Lee, and Bass are as important as what we do with Paul and Kevin.


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    Re: The back-up back court

    Whats the matter, cant think for yourself?? Need to cut n paste someone elses thoughts  LOL

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    Re: The back-up back court

    So if it worked out, would you pull the trigger on a 

    Bass, Lee, Terry for Gasol trade?

    Rondo/ Williams

    Bradley / Crawford

    Green / Rookie

    Gasol / Sullinger

    KG / Wilcox 

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    Re: The back-up back court

    Sure I make the trade befor LAL has a chance to think... but why do the Lakers trade a starting top-10/15 PF making $19M on an expiring deal and take back three role players and $40M in guaranteed salary over the next three seasons (I think I did the math right).  If I am the owner and my GM makes that trade, I fire him.  If I approve it, then I'm not real smart.  However, since we are talking about Jim Buss - why not propose it...  Just expect to hear a quick click at the other end... :)