I was as enraged and depressed and down on the team, over the Indiana game as anyone, but there are reasons to be hopeful. 

1) Miami Lost: Putting us back in the drivers spot for the number 2 seed.

2) Rondo: Looks like he is getting back on track as did our offense. We'll get Ray involved.

3) Shaq and Jermaine O'Neil: Said to be coming back soon, and supposedly each has lost a lot of weight (I know, I know, plenty of reasons to be sceptical) but I think at least one of them will make it back and play decently. 

4) Laker schedule: The Lakers have a rough schedule coming up with games against, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Denver and Portland. meaning with a little help and our team getting back on track we can take home court back from them (probably not Chicago, but they are inexperienced.)

5) Celtics Schedule: We have a rough schedule too. which is probably good for us. Nothing gets our team going like an upstart. Nothing kills us like boredom. 

6) Win for Doc: This is probably Doc's last year and the veterans last chance. I think their motivation and will to win is strong enough to right the ship 

7) Last year:  This team has a switch, an extra gear, that we saw in the playoffs on the road all of last year. We have seen it this year in places like Miami. Counting the Celtics out is dangerous. 

So even though, I'm one of the ones who complained loudly after the loss, watch out for the Celtics.