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The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    In response to rameakap's comment:


    At the draft:

    1. Green and pick 16 to the Wiz for Ariza and pick #3

    2. Rondo (and Melo) to the Pelican's for pick #6, Greivis Vasquez (plus Robin Lopez and Jason Smith to make the $ work) 

    After July 1st:

    1. KG (and Terry) to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe (esp if Karl is their coach)

    2. Pierce and his 15.3m option to Golden State (with Lee, for Biedrins/Rich Jeff expiring 20m, a lotto protected future 1st rd pick and Draymond Green)

    Everything not in parenthesis is a known rumor, everything in the parenthesis is my idea of how the rumor would have to be completed to make the $ work and be fair for both sides


    #1 could make sense for the Wizards, though I doubt Aunge would see it that way.


    #2 may work salary wise, but why in the WORLD would NO  send #6 pick, TWO starters and a NBA backup to Boston for Rondo (off knee injury) and the #12 pick?.....I doubt there are any GM's that stupid in the NBA now (we aint geting Parish and McHale for Joe Barry Carroll again).


    the clippers deal I could see happening, but rememebr KG has a no trade clause.


    but Lee , Green AND a future #1 pick for Pierce!!!!


    makes the NO deal look like a fair trade.


    I do enjoy reading your off season don;t take me wrong here. But  we all have to realize that other GM's are NOT Celtics fans.

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    In response to rameakap's comment:

    All that sheds the Celtics TONS, I mean TONS of future cash, plus makes them a lotto team in a very top heavy '14 draft full of super athletic SF types

    With pick #3 I take Whoever is there between Oladipo and McLemore. I feel the Magic are drafting one of them.

    With pick #6 I take whoever is there between Bennett and Zeller. Both would pair nicely with Sully when Bass is gone. Zeller can swing over and play some 5 b/c he is 7'. Bennett can play away from the paint as a SF.

    C - Jordan, Lopez (shoots decent FT's, good to pair with Jordan)

    PF - Sully, Bass (for now) and Zeller/Bennett

    SF - Draymond Green and Ariza (exp contract/trade bait)

    SG - McLemore/Oladipo and Avery

    PG - Bledsoe and Vasquez (pairs well w/ Avery b/c he is 6'6")

    Crawford and Jason Smith are also still on the team and are deadline trade bait with Bass and Ariza to contenders.


    the problem is...that team isnt even close to a contender.  whats the point of making all those trades to not be a contender?  Jordan, sully, D Green are all 7th or 8th men off the bench on a championship team.  if you dont have 2-3 players better that Bledsoe and Mclemore than it isnt a championship team.  Look how far the Clippers went with Jordan and Bledsoe.  they have Paul and Griffin and havent sniffed the finals.  And you think starting their castoffs is going to get us anywhere?

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors


    The Clips aren't going to do that deal either I don't think.

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    Nice idea .... if we blow it up this is exactly what it should look like. I agree with others about New Orleans. I think Rondos value is that high but it might need to wait to the deadline so there are no injury discounts. But on top of that the pelicans are not a Rondo away from competing so I'm not sure they pull that trigger.

    Also I wouldn't underestimate how long it takes even star talent to develop in the NBA. Need I remind you Lebooboo just got his first title last year after like 8 years in the league?? Durant , Melo no titles... Really your best 3 players realistically need to be in the 28-30 range with a combined 20+ years in the league to really compete.


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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    I think Green's better than anyone we would get with the 3rd pick.

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    As many of you know, I'm all in favor of blowing it up.  I actually think that in the climate of today's NBA, it is necessary to do so.  I think the lakers will find this out as well, and they have been very good for a long time.  The Heat?  If they lose this year (and I HOPE they do), then look for "big" maybe even Bosh for Gasol type changes.

    My only problem is Danny promised us he wouldn't let what happened to the original Big 3 happen trading Bird to IND and McHale to ...(MN?), and yet, he has failed two years in a row to pull the trigger......

    Now, PP and KG are literally holding us hostage, and Danny has his hands tied.  Who really wants Bass, Lee or Terry?  Rondo is a good chip, but he can't ask for the world......

    It's frustrating, but I do like Rame's ideas.

    Also heard ORL is looking to deal the #2 pick......not sure if I would do that, but I am a big advocate of having multiple picks either this year or next!


    Bill Russell won more NBA titles with the Boston Celtics than Wilt, Kareem and Shaq COMBINED did as Lakers!!

    No Bynum injury, no Gasol trade - 2-1 vs majic- last word!

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    I posted the below in Keep the Team intack but get 2 acqusitions as i feel it is a good copy & paste here and a different opinion on "Blow it Up". Don't forget, we got to the playoffs with the aging KG & PP and no Center and no Rondo.

    I don't mean that we need keep PP & KG for loyalty sake. But I feel if we had had a strong presence in the post, KG was not enough and losing Perk only affected us in 2010 and maybe 2011 but not 2012 as Perk deteriorated, we'd been strong contenders.

    I do not know how we can get a Big Man without trading Rondo. But with a Howard, Gasol, Cousins, Hibbert, healthy Bynum etc. and a scorer because we lost Allen & Terry is not dependable like Redick, we could compete with the older PP & KG next year & Sully back too & maybe Melo develops.

    But we will need a point guard..can a rookie draft pick do it ?

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    Re: The 'blow it up' route taken from four known rumors

    love those ideas. its the kind of bold moves we need to do to turn this franchise around.

    would be a great way to turn things around.

    doubt all or any will happen though, as they make way too much sense for us.