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The Bottom Line...

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    The Bottom Line...

    Ok, so I look at it like this.  Yes, we should have won last night and game 4 for that matter, but when the refs call travel on us everytime the Heat make a run, its obvious the league doesnt want you to go further, but that being said, any team that averages more than 15 t/o's a game in the playoffs really doesnt deserve to win anything.

    There were times when we had a 10 pt lead and we didnt value it and just made sloppy instead of us going up by 12, which could lead to 14, we went from 10 back to 7, after a turnover and 3 by James, which then allows 7 to turn into 5.  Which is what happened.   In game 4, Rondo tried to hand off the ball to Pierce with a waiting Chalmers right in front of him resulting in an easy steal.  I love this team, but they made Heat comebacks possible by not value -ing possesions.  The heat's bad posessions were things like bad shots being taken while we werent even getting off cant beat the heat like that.

    So besides the turnovers and lack of attention to detail....we also failed in the Shaq experiment, and Like I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I wish we would have shut Shaq down after the feb 5 incident.  This way we know what we have and can improve on that, instead of having everyone wish upon a star.  The mental effect the Shaqstakes had on our team was evident.  If they knew in March that they had to go with JON and Kristic, we would have been better off. Dont know who to blame there, but I blame Doc for not playing Kristic and sticking with baby too long...its evident Kristic could have helped if given more than 2 minutes at a time..He was ready last night...

    Lastly, this whole team was hurting, but I cant seem to understand the lack of execution down the stretch which ultimately sealed our fate.  In game 4, we had the best case scenario.  I chance to win in regulation or go to O/T.  We couldnt even execute a simple pick and roll. Then last night, when we down 3, Pierce comes down in a semi fast break situation with Wade on him and tries a cross court pass to Green who was barley open and wouldnt have done anything anyway....Why doesnt Pierce just back down Wade for an easy 2??   Too much thinking instead of playing ball, we played like we were the younger team and that was discouraging.

    They had to be frustrated because talent wise, we were right there and could have won this series easily without the turnovers, but oh well, those are the breaks. It wasnt in the cards, but its sad to see us lose again to a team we could beat, but take solace in the fact that this team was not getting by the bulls the way they turn the ball over, and wouldnt have lasted 2 more series with that short B.S. rotation.  Doc should have played Kristic more and maybe Wafer, but kudos to a great run.  I enjoyed the season, even through the ups and downs and wouldnt trade my team(pun intended) for any other.  Go Dallas!!!
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    Re: The Bottom Line...

    Oh and one last thing, I love Doc as a coach and all, but please Doc, dont do us any favors.  He is the best coach for the big 3, but he cant get anything out the bench and refuses to let guys get a rythm, and going forward this team needs some youth to keep the core's minutes down...and it dont matter who Danny bring in here, Doc will continue to ride the big 3 like they are 21 years old and same results will happen again next year...and old, tired team trying to do too much in the end...with NO HELP....   smh
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    Re: The Bottom Line...

    I've to agree with you about Doc.  He's probably more suited to a team like the Heat, who already have some serious individual firepower and just need some decent man management, than the Celts in their current state.  Can't see him helping to rebuild the Celts successfully, unless the organization can somehow use him to con some of the league's top FA talent to join us over the next few years.
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