celtics finally announced that shaq is ready. he wants to go on sunday but doc wants him to get in a few more practices first, thus he is leaning towards wednesday... which knowing doc means he could be playing on sunday! most likely they will hold him out til wednesday when blake griffin comes to town.. i expect for shaq, d-west, baby and even wafer to all come back for that game. how will the rotation be impacted? 

by sitting out wafe tomorrow, we can get a gauge on what sasha can actually give us for this may be the last opportunity we get to see him out there or even dressing again. i see shaq starting with nenad backing him up. i think baby's numbers and minutes will drop big time as we focus more on green and nenad. i see green closing out games rather than baby as we get rolling. i see west and green taking over wafer's minutes and playing his usual pg minutes. west-green-murph-baby-nenad will be the dominant second unit rotation even when jo returns. except when we want to emphasize speed or small ball, i do not see wafe playing much. imagine a speed combo of rondo-west-wafe-green-baby/murph.