Dodo-Merriam Webster definition

1.       An extinct heavy flightless  bird from the island of Mauritius and related to the pigeon and larger than a turkey

2.       One hopelessly behind the times

With the new look C’s, it is paramount that the biggs be able to keep up in transition, play solid D, and pick and pop. That’s why most team will run wild on the Lakers, because they know that Howard cannot cover a center that shoots threes and runs like a deer. That is why the experiment of KG playing center proved to be successful. He can drill that 15/20ftr with regularity. In effect, small ball is in.

Let’s face it, the C’s are so much more pleasing to watch knowing that they can make up a 10 pt deficit with ease. I don’t know how far we will go this year, but I do know that it will be an exciting season.