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The Latest on ESPN

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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    Imagine if the "disgruntled mployee" saw this, he would be posting "CRICKETS!" LOL 
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    Dude they banned the trolls. Why are you posting about the Lakers?

    I know it's boring in here but I for one am sick of the Celtic, Laker back and forth.  Everyone with a brain knows that neither the Celts or the Lakers are favorites to win next year.

    With that said we also don't even know what the teams are going to look like next year.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    The 2 greatest franchises in the NBA period.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN said it pal....I agree!!
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    It's nice to see what a good guy GK has become.

    As for this thread, I agree with snakeoil. Why bait people who have been apparently banned? Lakers versus Celtics debate is boring. Enjoy conversation with nice Laker fans like GK and RUWorthy and forget the rest. If trolls pop in, report them.

    If BDC could also do something about the Celtic trolls, those racists and rednecks who never shut up about Rondo being the antichrist of basketball, this place might be in good shape for when the games start again.

    That's a big if.

    There are alternatives. I just started posting on a really nice board with smart posts and good moderating. I'm probably not allowed to mention it. It's got thousands and thousands of members.

    It's good to see The Globe is wising up with moderating. They just need to also clean out the trolls from the Celtics' side too. Don't be one of them, Fierce. Let it drop already. Just talk your basketball and stop beating on this LA-Boston rivalry. Snakeoil is correct. Neither team has much chance to win it all unless something major happens. And what are the odds of that?

    We have one more year of a bloated KG contract. We don't even know what the new CBA will be like. It will probably make it harder for teams to make quick turnarounds. Though if any team could, it will be the Celtics because Danny maneuvered the cap space that way, except for that Pierce extension. Rondo is good value.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    Hey Fierce, how's it going? I'm kind of provincial with the sport, so I don't exactly know those players you mention. The Celtics need a lot of help to contend. They need two traditional centers to go with JO. They need Rondo at 100%- no plantar fasciitis hurting his game, no DWade smashed elbow residue. And here's the big problem. Doc needs to play Ray no more than 25-30 minutes a game, same with KG. Pierce should not go much more than that either, if at all. Doc needs to open up that roster. Right now there are only seven on it, so this is beyond speculating. We need those rookies to turn into gems sooner rather than later for the window to remain open. We need Jeff Green to emerge as a force. I think Big Baby is gone. But many thought he was gone the last time his contract needed to be redone. I think Baby was more hurt than fat last year. You could have Green backup both sf and pf. BB backup PF. Maybe the rookie Johnson can bulk up and play some center. Then maybe we only need one reliable traditional center, someone like a healthy Perk. Those are a lot of ifs, from expecting the roster to sort itself out to Doc showing he can manage it. The window seems shut for a title. It's definitely still open for winning 50 games, win a round or two. More than that is expecting too much. So I agree with you. Shaq going down probably closed the window.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    It's killing me to say this but I cant see the Celtics as serious contenders next season.

    Injuries have snakebit this team and im not even talking about the older guys, who had a pretty healthy 2010 season except for Shaq. But KG cant do it every night, we saw that clearly in the Heat series. Neither can Ray or PP. Shaq was a great player for us but fell to pieces healthwise. The trend of failed injury recoveries has to make one wonder about our training & medical staff.

    No Shaq next season, 3 older stars that can no longer be relied upon night after night including the playoffs...and thats if we're lucky enough they have another healthy season.

    Add to that Rondo's issues with his elbow and attitude/state of mind...

    Only way we have a shot is if season is only 30 games long and we find some serious help in the middle.. I hope I'm wrong but I dont see a title in the near future.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    It is refreshing to see some quality opinions and "give and take" on this board was a wise decision by the moderators to finally rid this board of the kids/ for me, I also have my doubts about the coming(?) always, I'll remain an optimist....
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    i actually stopped reading this forum because it just got to ridiculous. But if it will be moderated, and I can learn from others (way more knowledgeable then me), then I am psyched and will check it out again.

      the celtics definetely need 'more' at the center spot. I was not sure about JO at first last year, but I now think he gets it (as least mentally) as to what his role his, defense and easy buckets around the rim. But he is not a 22 year old by any means. 

    I would not be surprised if Jeff Green has a terrific year. And if D west can stay healthy (mentally and physically), that would be a huge help as well.  It is a lot tougher to figure out how your returning players and rookies will mesh when there is no summer league and no preseason workouts, but  everyone is in that boat. 

    the celtics are actually in an OK spot talent wise, other then at center position.  experience and execution wins in the NBA.  But both are built upon healthy bodies.   Hoping for a (great) season.  peace 

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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    I don't know why it is so difficult to concede the Celtics are no longer top contenders. The consensus was the window would last about three years, and that the team's best chance would arrive in the second or third.

    We lost Posey, Eddie, and PJ Brown. Jeff Green may develop, but Posey was a guarantee. Delonte is pretty good, but he doesn't have the consistent offensive firepower of an Eddie House. Granted he is a much better pg than Eddie who never learned how to do that. As for PJ Brown, we all know how much we are hurting at center. We hope JO can keep it together. When healthy, JO is quite adequate if not more so for a starting center. I didn't even mention Leon Powe.

    The Big Three are simply too old to consistently carry a team. Running backs have a shelf life in the NFL. NBA players do too. It's around the same age of 32-33, before things start to seriously go downhill. Rondo's health is a serious question mark. Plantar fasciitis is something that might never go away.

    As for Fugot, you should make more than one post a year. I admittedly don't know that much about basketball. But that doesn't stop me from opening up my yapper from time to time.

    It's a Celtics forum. You definitely showed in your post that you have stuff to offer. Even though I have been critical of this board, it's not like I'm pulling for it to fail. The more nice people post, the more likely it is to be a nice spot to check out and participate on. Basketball is my favorite sport. That's why I'm here. Take it easy.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    I agree....thoughtful people putting up good posts will make this a better board....and not just for Celtic fans!! ...there are several great posters from the Laker fan well as fans of other teams...give and take...sharing opinions and long as the moderators keep out the kids/trolls I all for it!!
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    true that
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    NICE!!!!!  .....Boston does have a history of producing, football, basketball, and hockey (the traditional big four in pro sports)....the fan base remains rabid regardless of the up and down years.....Fenway has been sold out for how many years....?

    the early Celtics didn't fill the garden....back in those days there was a racial problem.....I believe the Sox were the last major league team to have a black player...blame it on ignorance...but hey, MLB banned blacks for what, almost 50 years...? Boston wasn't the only city at fault...

    One reason I love these teams (well, three of them in my case) the tradition they bring year after year....the Celts had a long run of misfortune....but, did the Yanks who went 15 years in between titles (1962-1977)....then, after repeating in '77 & '78, they went another 17 years before winning another (1996)....

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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    Just a word to Nick.  Yes, I miss the players you mentioned, but remember, PJ retired on his own, and neither Posey nor House had subsequent seasons that matched what they brought to the C's in 2008, and though I too miss Leon, the C's didn't think they could afford having him recuperating on the bench for half a season.  Sometimes judgments like that work out, sometimes they don't.  If we have a short season this year, anything could happen, even (gulp) a Miami championship. :-)

    cheers --
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN

    Sweet, Laker trolls are gone? That's just fab, I haven't been on this board the last couple weeks due to lockout doldrums. Amazed the mods finally decided to clean this place up, much appreciated BDC Dottie!

    Now if we can just get Dudder to not show up here ranting about Rondo, and RunRunRun with his occasional racial rants about gangsters, we'll be rockin here. I'm convinced puddin can offer more than Rondo bashing so there's hope he can make the move to nuanced discussions on many topics. 

    As for the Lakers, I can see one more ring but not unless they get Dwight Howard. Otherwise I think it's time for the OKC type teams to make their move...That said I believe just about the same thing about the Celts. Gonna be hard to stop the Heat from getting a ring. Maybe the Bulls can take it up a notch.
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    Re: The Latest on ESPN


    "Plantar fasciitis is something that might never go away."  And you know this because????  In fact, there is nothing in the medical universe that would indicate the permanence of plantar fasciitis.  The suffix, itis, means swelling and has no further implications. The initial treatment for this is an anti-inflammatory painkiller - aspirin, Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofin (Advil) all fairly benign, mild but effective medications.  The assumption is that with rest and proper treatment (stretching, heat, etc.) he can play as if the had never happened.  Actually, he's been playing this summer so that’s a good indicator of his status.