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The media does not believe. Do the faithful?

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    Re: The media does not believe. Do the faithful?

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    With Pierce and Kg leading the way, and with AB able to guard DW, and Green able guard LJ, can we beat the Heat?


    The Celtics won't roll over and will give the Heat all or more than they can handle due to our speed and defense. It doesn't really matter where we meet them in the playoffs. We will have better insight as the team gets more practice and after the Heat come to visit on the 18th. I don't think the game on 4/12 in Miami will be as significant.


    I would still like a top four seed. Things would be easier if we had home court for the first series. The way the Celtics are playing, it is within our reach.

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    Re: The media does not believe. Do the faithful?

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    There are no guarantees in anything, but to suggest the Celtics do not have fighting chance against the Heat based on the past is wrong. To suggest that we cannot beat the Knicks is really wrong.  We absolutely could.  If we do not sustain anymore injuries and the other teams do, we will be even stronger.

    Remember if the Celtics build momentum Pierce and Garnett will give everything they have in the playoffs.  Green if he can play well in three out of every four versus showing up only half the time. This team becomes a terror during the playoffs. Green is so talented, he may be a top ten talent, of course he is not that as a performer, but he shows up more frequently than ever now. If Pierce can learn to let Green take over at the right times in the playoffs with our defense I want to say it again we will be very strong.  We have tools we did not have last year, a healthy Bradley,  Lee and some scorers on the bench.  Lastly I believe Terry has a playoff gear that he will find and this with our veteran experience will make us the toughest 5,6,7,or 8th seed in NBA history.


    The schedule is tougher, I think we are going to play well from this point on. I could change my mind by next week but I saw something last night.  The Celtics are built for the playoffs no matter what the seed.


    All I'm saying is the Celts will not be able to beat the Heat or Knicks if the Celts face them in the 1st round. 


    If the Celts get a better seeding than 7th or 8th, that means the Celts drastically got better since January. Meaning the Celts improved. But if the Celts continue to be the 7th or 8th seed then that means the Celts have not improved. 

    It was very clear that the Celtics team in January would clearly exit in the 1st round. This current Celts team has been playing better of late.

    The key is getting past the 1st round. If the Celts can do that then anything's possible. 

    Fierce, a team sneaks up on you when you least expect it first round any round.  I hope we have a 4th seed but we can beat anyone in the east if things fall our way.  That is asking a lot I know so we will have to see. Green is a wild card and if he can Pierce can figure a way to get the ball to the other in crunch time we will be hard to beat.  I am going to say we close season strong. 

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    Re: The media does not believe. Do the faithful?

    This next week promised to offer some exciting basketall. To make the fourth seed, we will have to pass Atlanta. We will also play the Pacers on the second night of a back to back with Danny Granger playing. It could be a good week. It will be interesting to see who Jeff Green guards.


    11-4 baby!