The NBA, Where 'Corruption' Happens!

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    The NBA, Where 'Corruption' Happens!

    Game 5 --> Free Throws 38 Mia  20 for C's - Difference of 18.

    Game 5 --- /> Pierce 5 fouls.   (Pierce, can't play D under these conditions..) Enough said.

    Wade/Lebron went to line 100 times in this series!! 5 games only. WOW.  You do the Math!

    BAG JOB - TANK JOB - whatever you want to call it.  These Are ALL FACTS! Then just watching the games its even more disgusting!!!!!!

    I FEEL BAD for CHICAGO - b/c you watch how the BULLS 'won't' be able to play DEFENSE against Lebron and Wade and the heat!  You'll see!

    It's OBVIOUS who the NBA WANTS this YEAR to WIN IT. 
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    Re: The NBA, Where 'Corruption' Happens!

    I hate to say this, because any amount of corruption/incompetence is unacceptable. And I didn't see game 5. But I don't think the officiating was that bad for an NBA series. How sad is that? I've gotten so used to the officiating "issues" that it takes something like game 7 of last years finals for me to even get upset.

    But the Celtics choked. Plain and simple. They lost to an inferior team. Partly because of injuries and age. But I don't think the refs had much to do with it.