BBass returned this year making a coupe of casual comments about how he's trying to contribute more. Well, he has. Throughmosst of last season he was seen as a pop up shooter and good foul shot. He played under th boards but didn't eem to cotribute much. On the other hand, any new face who contributed was a good value on that team.

This year, still in his understated way, Brandon has become a visible force, on the floor and in the paint. If anyone is to collect ORs it is likely to be him (with Sully not far behind) . He's there, battling, not being polite. As a result he's also getting credit for a lot more put-back points. It seems to me that his stamina and energy are better this year. What's missing is that both he and Sully don't get as much notice as they deserve when they are open under the boards. To a large extent RR, PP, and KG are focused on each other- looking for when one of them is in a preferred shooting area.  That's not surprising given that these are the stars but also the ones used to playing together. Add in Terry due to his veteran status and skills. But the pressures will reduce on the stars as the ball gets distributed more to the "lesser faces". Hopefully that will change as the season progresses and the others get more confident and aggressive..