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The O'Neal Effect -- 2011/2012

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    The O'Neal Effect -- 2011/2012

    I, for one, will eat crow tonight when JON checks into the game because I predicted he'd be out for the rest of the year.  I am looking forward to that crow.  Anybody got some hot sauce?

    I have concerns about Shaq when I hear Danny say he has no idea when Shaq will return.  Sounds like Shaq might be out for the 1st round but we'll see.

    I therefore pose this question for next season.  Oh, and we will win the championship in June.  Banner #18 no doubt.

    With Shaq and JON being out for so long this season, will it be worth bringing BOTH/EITHER/NEITHER of them back next season?  Their injuries really handicapped this team throughout the season.  I believe that is a major reason why we are playing the way we are right now.  Delonte's absence had a similar effect on Rondo but at least Nate could spell him at times (and Delonte's younger and should return free of injuries next season).

    KG and Baby have had to play out of position for too long without any rest and that has really worn them out.  If either O'Neal plays significant games this season, KG stays strictly at the PF and Baby, who has really stepped up his game, stays at the PF as KG's backup.  Instead both have had to log major minutes both at PF and C.  Baby, in essence, has been the backup center for most of the season and that is not where he's most effective for this team.  And that means KG has to play extended minutes when Baby should be spelling him.

    Is it worth wearing these guys out (especially KG at a year older) again next season to bring the O'Neals back?
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    Re: The O'Neal Effect -- 2011/2012

    Good question, I guess it comes down to who is available and who we can afford.  Last year we basically got what was left and I think were lucky just to get JON and Shaq, cuz the pickings were slim.  I think if JON is truly over his knee, I would bring him back, but ask for some money  - but at 32, I think its more realistic for him if he is healthy....Now Shaq as much as I like him is older and you really cant predict if/when he will go down with any kind of if we can keep Shaq aboard and still have a roster spot to bring in a real center, than fine...but I think that Danny and the fans for that matter may not want to experience this season all over again...

    You did bring up a good point about Shaq tho...HE can always come back in the 2nd round, as the knicks dont have big men, but I dont know if you can mess with the chemistry in the middle of a run...we shall see

    Kristic is gone if you ask me,..or a backup...he cant anchor a defensive team....but if Doc goes...doesnt the philosophy change??  new system?
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    Re: The O'Neal Effect -- 2011/2012

    I'd been asking myself the same question Petey.  If the Celtics bring home the trophy this year, and I love your confidence on that topic btw, they'll need to gear up for a final run next year (that is IF there's even a season next year!). 

    At that point Kristic might actually stick around (on the bench), as Hacky-Sack will almost certainly retire with that elusive 5th ring finally snuggly wrapped around his finger. JO will also acquiesce to his ailing knee and go out on his first high note ever. Win or lose I dont see either returning to the celtics in October. Even if they did want to remain on for another year I dont think managment or DOC would want to run the risk nor expell the energy to compensate for two injured centers missing 3/4 of the season and casting uncertainty over the entire playoff roster. Gambling back-to-back years is like a plea for punishment.  
    So who would they pursue, in that case, and with what resources? If Doc is still here it will be someone who's a monster on the boards and can defend with the best of them.  A Perkins type, perhaps, with limited shooting range but hopefully with much better leaping ability.  

    Anyhow, at this stage in the game there are simply too many undefined variables with too wide a range of values to begin weighing this one imo.  If the celtics fumble the trophy once again I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Doc walk away.  And if next season is shortened because of the cba Garnette too could be hanging up the chuck taylors for good, regardless of what Doc decides. 

    Without DOC and Garnette this team falls, hopefully for only a brief spell, into disaray. What happens then is anyone's guess. Will Pierce and Ray still be productive in two years time? Rebuild around Green and Rondo? If anyone can keep the Celtics competitive during a rebuilding process it's the district attorney. Here's to that process beginning with the championship winds blowing in our sails! 

    One thing is certain: this team will be going balls out this playoff run. The big 3 know there's little chance they'll be playing for a championship in 2012 if they dont bring one home in 2011.    

    Go GREEN!
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    Re: The O'Neal Effect -- 2011/2012

    The Celtics need bigs beyond this season, and I don't think Shaq is the answer.