The Possum Game Again

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    Re: The Possum Game Again

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    The Celtics lost tonight because of rebounding and 2nd chance points. In other words the Celts got outworked on the glass again. Joe Johnson misses a shot in the final seconds of the game and Al Horford gets the offensive putback unimpeded. I think Hubie Brown said the Hawks had a 10-0 advantage in 2nd chance points. Hard to win games when you force your opponent to miss but you can't secure the rebound. But that's not the issue here. Doc Rivers is playing the possum game again, just like last year. The Celts got outworked on the glass when KG was not in the game. KG just played 27 minutes. He was not in foul trouble or hurt. Maybe Doc got scared after seeing what happened to Krstic last night. Right now Doc is in preservation mode. 
    Posted by Fiercest34