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The Real problem.

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    The Real problem.

    Okay first off those saying Rondo is the problem are being overly simplistic and then some. If you say we are are losing because of one guy, a guy who scored 20 points with 12 assists then you don't understand basketball which is a team game. If Rondo scored 30 points and had 24 assists would you stop blaming him and him alone? Rondo, didn't play a great game, but our big three scored 36 points. 1 more than Lebron James by himself That' s not exactly setting a bar of excellence. 

    our real  problems is we are a TEAM with no real go to scoring threat at least not against the Heat. Rondo, has a bad jumper and while he can score, he is not a lethal off the dribble guy who can get you buckets when you need them ala Dwayne Wade. THat's not his game. (see I criticize him too) 

    Paul pierce used to do this but he is older now and he can't get to the rim on lebron. He is reduced to a jump shooter. Don't believe me? Look at this clip in 2006 when Paul Pierce dropped 50 points on lebron. 

    He is dunking all over the place and getting to the rim whenever he wants. That guy is gone. He has been gone for two years. 

    Ray allen is the greatest shooter alive still, but his game relies on picks and ball movement to set him free. he can't get his own shot when we depseretly need a score and Wade is fighting through picks and keeping his open looks to a minimum.

    Kevin Garnett is a Great defender but Bosh is playing him to a draw. he has never been a good post threat because he can be pushed out of the paint and the Heat are contesting every jump shot.

    Jermaine O'neil. Not a big post scoring threat anymore. 

    The one caveat i would offer is a big one. With Shaq we have a real post threat. Paul, Ray, and KG are all jump shooters but they could be the best jump shooters in the league at their positions. With Shaq we have a screen Dwayne Wade will not fight through. With Shaq we have fouls hard enough to make Lebron and wade prefer to pull up for jump shots. With Shaq we have a big man that forces the opposing big man to stay home and not help when Rondo beats bibby off the dribble.

    Shaq when healthy is the reason ainge traded Perk. THe problem is wishing for shaq is almost the equivelent for wishing for Santa Claus. In my opinion a reasonbly healthy Shaq in game 3 is our only remaing chance to win this series. Which is to say not a great one. Either way this team gave me a lot of joy this year, and I'm thankful for a great season no matter what. 

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    Re: The Real problem.

    Good post man.   I like JO.  He has been playing very well.  Without him, we would have been beat by more points in both of these games.   KG can't do it alone or with that bum Kristic.

    We need the big 4 to play well and I don't understand why Ray can't get his own shot.
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    Re: The Real problem.

    Perfect post regarding Shaq. Shaq would open up things on offense and close things on defense EVEN if he's 80%. The Heat have no one to cover Shaq. Let's just hope he can be on the court on Saturday.

    It moves JON to the 2nd unit which needs some size and interior rebounding and defense.
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