The so called Boston fan

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    Re: The so called Boston fan

    YAAAaaaawwwwwnnnnn.  Whiners comlaining about haters and we are up 3-0.  Look at what perkins is doing for OKC right now... is it MORE than what jerlame o'neal is doing for BOS right now?  i think that's very debatable. 

    so what's the gripe about anyway?  we're up 3-0!!

    was perkins worth spilling 35 or 40 million over?  NO in my book!

    should we have kept him till the end of the season?  maybe

    did we just lose marquis daniels to a career ending injury and looking scary thin at 3/4 quick type guys?  YES!

    will jeff green make some sort of nate robinson-esque / glen davis type BIG contribution in one of these games coming up?  probably

    and if shakky shak comes back and does anything are you even complaining?

    i mean c'mon, even if you loved the socks off of perkins, 90% dead jerlame o'neal has better mobility than perk does right now.  i don't see what we've lost.

    if jerlame goes down in a heap of ligaments and whatnots, then maybe it's time to gripe.

    but up 3-0 to the supposed tough to beat NY nicks, what in the cripes are we griping about in this thread?
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    Re: The so called Boston fan

    Acie, you hit it on the head.  I agree 100%.  Even if, we dont win it, the trade will not be a factor.