The ULTIMATE insta-rebuild

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    The ULTIMATE insta-rebuild


    Ok, just posted this in response to a ludacris idea elsewhere. BUT, lets forget about the reality that no major trades are likely to transpire, and take a minute to basque in the glory of what could be...

    Evans / Terry

    Bradley / Lee

    Pierce / Green

    Love / Bass

    Cousins / Wilcox / Collins


    MIN: Butler, Bledsoe, Sullinger

    SAC: Rondo, Melo

    LAC: Garnett


    Please don't respond telling me what I already know, this is fantasy. But isn't this the Ultimate fantasy? (esp. for Rondo haters out there)

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    Re: The ULTIMATE insta-rebuild


    C's end up with this squad to move forward with


    C Jefferson/Jordan/Melo

    PF Green/Sully/Wilcox

    SF Ilyasova/Hayward

    SG Bradley/Lee

    PG Bledsoe/Ellis

    That's a very young team that has a lot of talent on it. Obviously, getting Jefferson to re-sign for a similar deal he has now would be huge.

    The Clips would be going all in with both PP and KG...who would be in a place they could compete with a ring and be home in LA, which is something the fans here could get behind.

    The Bucks have a solid salary dump as only Butler and Bass are signed past this season. (Odom's contract, and getting rid of Ellis' big contract are key to them) 

    And the Jazz get Rondo, the PG they haven't had since Williams left. They essentially are only giving up Heyward for him and Terry, as Jefferson is gone after this season anyway. They could use the space to re-sign Millsap, or they could trade him in another deadline deal to improve their squad. Kanter, Favors, Rondo, Foye, and what they can get for Millsap isn't a bad core.

    Obviously this is a complete pipe dream, but it works out for all the teams, and makes the C's young and deep.