the vanishing NBA Center

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    the vanishing NBA Center

    voters for the all star game will no longer choose centers for the game.....there are now two positions in basketball (according to the new voting rules).......frontcourt players and backcourt players.....interesting huh...?

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    Re: the vanishing NBA Center

    I always felt they should let the coaches and execs choose the starters and let the fans choose the back ups. That way instead of it being a popularity contest among the starters the fans can see who is left and make honest votes according to who deserves to go. Ive seen shaq and yao get tons of votes during seasons where they spent most of the first half injured and not on the court

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    Re: the vanishing NBA Center



    Above link list 30 players from the 2010-11 season that were 6'8" or taller and averaged 15 or more points per game. Most of them are now considered to be forwards but because of a height and weight edge, would have played center back in the 1950-60's. Now these big men have great outside shooting skills to go along with ball handling dexterity that even the smaller players lacked back then.

     Except for a handfull of centers most centers now are seen as defensive guardians of the paint or counted on to set solid picks. My how the game has changed. Technically speaking I guess--- No centers in the All Star Game.