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the Yankees and the Celtics

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    the Yankees and the Celtics

    since this is the slow time of the year I thought I'd make another comparison in greatness....

    many of our resident trolls like to point out that the majority of the Celtics titles came back in the late '50's through the mid '80's.....lets take a look at the's greatest franchise...

    the Yankees actually won their first title way back in 1923.....from that year through 1962 the Yankees won the majority of their titles .....they won an almost unbelievable total of 20 championships in 40 years....

    now compare the Celtics, who won their first championship in 1957.....from that year through 1986 the Celtics won 16 championships in 30 years....a better winning percentage than that of the Yankees...!!!!!!

    after winning the championship in '62 the Yankees won the World Series twice over the next 32 seasons

    after winning the championship in '86 the Celtics went 21 seasons without a title...of course they did lose two key players in Len Bias and Reggie Lewis...

    the Yankees won titles in 7 of the 10 decades that they have played the game

    the Celtics are the only team to win a title in five of the first six decades of NBA play....again, the Celtics winning percentage is better than the Yankees

    the Celtics and Yankees have each won 1 championship since the beginning of the millennium...both teams have been and remain contenders today...

    the conclusion here...? .....anyone who feels compelled to "knock" the Celtics and their history for whatever reason would need in include the Yankees as well...that idea sounds preposterous now doesn't it...?
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    Re: the Yankees and the Celtics

    The Yankees have won 5 championships with Derek Jeter as their shortstop.
    Boston has won 1 championship in the last 25 years.
    There's a big difference.

    It's much harder to win back to back or multiple championships in baseball.
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    Re: the Yankees and the Celtics

    Duke, quit trying. You and the Celtics LOST. You lost when the Lakers got Magic and the Celtics couldn't adapt to the changing times and they lost the reins to the Lakers. And it's been that way for 32 YEARS. The reason you keep starting a new thread just about daily, pointing out the Celtics prowess is because of what just happened with the Lakers getting Howard. You and everyone here knows for certain, it's gonna happen. I've been waiting since the days of Russell for this to happen: The Lakers will surpass the Celtics in titles. It would have seemed unimagineable then, but it's gonna happen. And no matter what fact twisting or phony boxing analogies you come up with, it's REALLY gonna happen. You and the Celtics will be left in the dust, pondering about how great it was back in the day. This latest Laker powerhouse is going to get to 18 very, very soon. Duke, you are in shock, just like everybody else here. And you're scrambling to make some sense of it, to somehow keep some semblance of face, in the throes of imbending Celtic catastrophe. Even when Kobe is gone, you now have Howard to contend with, and the Celtics will not even be good enough to give the Lakers a chance to whip your behinds in the Finals and wipe out that 9-3 bs of yours. You can't be whipped if you don't even show up, and you've been whipped 3 of the last 4 when you have showed up to face the Lakers. The Lakers have proved to be the greatest, most persistent and consistent championship machine in NBA history. Always there, always lurking, even when we clearly were not the best in the West, we still somehow got the heart to get to the Finals. Even when Kareem retired, Magic still found a way to get to the big dance. It's called heart. It's called greatness. In the meanwhile, the Celtics languish in impending mediocrity waiting to implode. Blowing 3-2 series leads an unprecedented 3 times and all you got left is a 9-3 fixation of a pre-modern NBA when only 8 teams played on the ground and not 7 footers raining 3's in todays modern era.