The celtics worst option would be to stand pat, and wait for next year. Paul and KG are running out of next years.  The first option is trade KG and or Paul and build for future. Which would inevitably mean Rondo is gone.  Or trade Rondo now and try to win this year.  My heart says stand pat. My brain says trade Kevin, ( of course assuming he could be swayed again to waive no trade)  and Rondo if we end up getting Bledsoe only. Build a great young team. My my basketball sense says that is Lakers offer Howard for Rondo do it.  Go for it this year,  we basically add a big rebounding defender. to the current team.  I think they could beat anyone in the east if Kg can get DH on the right track.


As a betting man I predict this is the team we will have going forward, not a bad team should do well and be fun, but there is no way in hell they have a serious shot at title as is.