Thibodeau to Lakers?

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    Re: Thibodeau to Lakers?

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    Just like Kobe didn't have a say in hiring Mike Brown or D'Antoni he will have to wait his 2 year contract at least to contend again. 



    Those two coaches didn't work out too well for the Lakers. Maybe they should have listened to Kobe??

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    Re: Thibodeau to Lakers?

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    The coach of the Lakers is irrelevant.


    As long as Jimmy Buss is running the show, the Lakers will NEVER become contenders.

    it might be sooner than you think


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    Re: Thibodeau to Lakers?

    The Fakers do not deserve Thibs. The Fakers do not deserve the Buss family. The Fakers deserve Strerling and his right hand whateverthehecksheis V. Stiviano and to have them be the subject of a reality TV series on Bravo. Now that I'd watch because everyone loves a good train wreck.

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    Re: Thibodeau to Lakers?

    Well, the cause-effect with minutes and injuries go both ways.  You play more minutes IF you haven't been injured, as well as vice-versa.

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    Re: Thibodeau to Lakers?

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    you're the one making a claim. you're saying that Thib's plays his starters too many minutes leading to injuries. where is the proof? show me the numbers in comparison to every other NBA team. a few people sharing the same opinion doesn't make it a fact. 

    here's the top 10 in minutes played for this regular season. notice how many of them haven't had any injuries.

    Portland had 3 guys in the top 20 in minutes played per game. Aldridge, Batum, Lillard. i believe they just advanced in the playoffs. Lebron and KD have been in the top 5 in minutes played per game for the past several seasons.. no injuries.

    again, there is nothing abnormal about the amount of minutes that Thib's plays his starters. the fact that Chicago has a terrible bench gives even more justification to the amount of minutes he plays his starters. 

    the two guys you keep mentioning the most Deng and Kobe, are 29 and 35 years old. i wonder if that has anything to do with their injury problems? and Deng is a Cavalier. since joining the Cavs and playing less minutes he has still been battling injury problems. pretty much par for aging veterans, a la kobe.

    Seriously, what are you talking about.

    I have an opinion, backed it up with Facts/stats and gave links to opinions of experts. That is more than you have to back up you Claims.

    1.Who talks about injuries only? Not me. Injuries is just one aspect and not even the major one in my post. I was talking about a) Thibs Players are tired in the Playoffs and b) he is little overated cause his RS stats are inflated cause he is treating every game like a Play off game.

    2. It is impossible to give proof of minutes and injuries are directly connected (How often did I say that?). What about you giving "proof" for your "claim" that Thibs is a great Coach. WIth the best RS recoed he didn't even make it to the Play Offs. That is also a fact.

    2. When Deng was a Bull with Thibs as a Coach he was < 29 years old. That is his prime, so he is far from an aging Veteran.

    3. James is a force of nature. And even he was rested in many games, plus he didn't Play D for more than half of the season. With Thibs this would never happen. It is not only the amount of minutes, it is the intensity as well.

    4. Lets see how Portland will do in the future.