Things breaking our way?

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    Things breaking our way?

    Okay, I don't want to be accused of taking the Heat for granted, because I expect it to be a tough series, and things could break against us, but . . .

    I'm really pleased with how the rest of the playoffs are going.  I honestly think the Hawks are going to be a tougher out for the Bulls than the Magic would be, and even though I would think the Bulls would take that series, it's going to take a lot out of them.

    Similarly, I don't necessarily think the Lakers will lose to NO, or whoever their next opponent would be, but every series that goes into 6 or 7 games for them just increases the wear and tear on a team that is also getting older, with a center who seems to be prone to knee problems and superstar who is finally beginning to show a succeptibility to the aches and bruises we've had to endure for a few years now. 

    The Heat could still take us, but if not, I feel a whole better about the road ahead.
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    Re: Things breaking our way?

    Celtics win beat Miami, although it's not going to be easy, since both teams hate each other. It's really going to be a dog-fight and a tough series, but Celtics will prevail when it's all said and done. Celtics will win in 6 or 7.