watching the last couple of games, the bright spots to see are marquis daniels and von wafer stepping up. Daniels is playing like doc envisioned wen they got him, slashing to the basket, good defense and active hands. Von Wafer seems to have made a big improvement..hes bought into the defensive mentality of the team, and in turn it has gotten him more involved in the game as a whole.its going to be tough to do now bc of all the injuries, and they are going to look downright awful for a couple games with KG out..but i think once nate returns to the backup pt..u can put wafer at sg untill delonte comes back, then they can share, daniels at sf, baby at pf, and JO or Shaq or Perk at the C. i think once continuity is met, this 2nd team will be dangerous. i do not think any moves need to be made, the team just needs to get healthy.