We could add as many as 3 FAs by Fri. Derek Fischer, he can't resign with the Lakers and is better now than Dooling,Moore. Turiaf can play D and is a solid bench guy.  A couple of other roster filling "specialist" that could help our team;A Carter,Kapono,Gondrezic (who Mike G mentioned last) all would help in some way,better than our end of bench guys now.We could really fortify our depth with signing Fisher and Turiaf especially. Fisher is a playoff clutch performer that gives an extra last shot option. Turiaf is a solid,knows his role,defensive 4 or 5. Both are motivated and would be great additions in the playoffs.
 Picking up a solid BO and sending Moore?Johnson to D league for PT would be a win win.
We are making the playoffs despite all the nay saying by Celtic haters and we can make a run. There is a reason why the talking heads and their parroting followers don't actually work in NBA team offices.