Too Many PF"s?

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    Too Many PF"s?

    By: Paul Flannery

    WALTHAM -- While the Celtics wait for resolution on a sign-and-trade deal with free agent David West, they have a notable shortage of traditional centers on the roster. That's true even if Jermaine O'Neal ultimately remains in Boston.

    Celtics coach Doc Rivers isn't worried about that scenario because the team already has added Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox who can play both the big forward and center positions. He also said that Kevin Garnett could play more center this year. "Kevin will play some five this year, which honestly I don’t think is a problem at all," Rivers said. "You can play him and Bass together. Either one can guard the five or the four so it makes us pretty versatile."

    This is part of a league-wide trend. Beyond Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, there are not many traditional back-to-the-basket centers left. "There’s two or three of them that are dominant anymore," Rivers said. "Dwight and Bynum, after that there’s not a lot of others."

    Garnett will still play his usual 30 minutes or so each night, but Rivers said he may adjust his rotations so that Garnett plays in three, five-minute incrimements per half instead of two shifts for about eight minutes.

    The Celtics roster is in still in a state of flux. They have a number of big players in camp on invitations including Greg Stiemsma and Mike Sweetney and certainly could add another center. "I’ll always take one so if you can find one for me please help out," Rivers said. "If we have enough fours who can play both [positions] and we have enough fouls we can get away with it."

    I agree with Doc
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    Re: Too Many PF"s?

    Doc and Danny are correct.  The Celtics are loading up with Power Forwards and there definately is a method to this.  One thing for certain, with all the board banging in practices in Waltham and on NBA Game floors, the Celtics will be exciting to watch, a real powerhouse and go to the finals if the nucleus stays healthy.
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    Re: Too Many PF"s?

    KG at center, oh dear.