Total Salaries After The Trade

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    Re: Total Salaries After The Trade

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    73.2m including non-guaranteed contracts.

    70.3m minus non-guaranteed contracts of Joseph, White, and Shavlik.

    Celts will also have 16 players total after the trade with Brooklyn becomes official.


    So don't expect the Celts to offer Pekovic or Monta Ellis a contract.

    Expecting Ainge to pare down the salaries to 48-50m is unrealistic.

    And please, Asik for Humphries is a pipe dream.

    thanks.pretty much what those watching closely figured.


    we have the MLE , but I doubt they will use it (unless they do pare down the salary some).


    so any additional moves will be by trade or Possible vet minimum deals.


    we could get Asik from Houston ( they say he's not being traded) but you are right it will take more than Humphries to get that deal done.


    Hunphries contract staying here makes getting Asik MORE pallitable though, as Humphries $10M comes off the books in 2014, just as Asik's salary increases by just that amount.


    I would still like to see Asik & T. Jones  for Rondo (along with any pieces that may be needed to make salary's work).


    we'd still have Assests to trade for a new starting Point, IMO.