I watch a lot of players and mostly yawn when I see them.   That includes Jeff Green.   5th pick in the draft?   No way!   No team is on tv more than GU.   I didn't see 5th pick in JG.   Do I not know my b-ball?   Media and "experts" kept talking bout JG.   He gets to the nba.   Still JG this and JG that.   But, highlights still showed Durant and Westbrook.   "JG this and JG that"......JG gets traded to C's. 
   Nobody (except Krystic) got the ball knocked out of his hands more than KP.   I'm not gonna lose sleep.   KP moves and picks.   7 boards for a center.   Minimal O boards.   Did you notice BB was mostly in game in last 4min?   I'm still not sweating except for one thing.   Is KP really that highly regarded by other players in the nba???   I'm not talking about media, but other players.   This is something that we pions don't have privy too.   But, DA/Papille should.
   Sorry, I digress.   Now, I get to really study JG (had no need to before).   He can shoot.   He CAN play.   But, he's not effective.   WHY?   Ahhh, here is an interesting play.   He has the ball near the post.   Other team double teams him.   He turns it over.   Mmmm.   Keep watching him.   Ahhh, now I know.   Now I see why I've been yawning bout JG, tho media and others raving (prob including DA/Papille) bout him.   He is long, can shoot, can pass some but....HE IS SOFT AS CHARMIN!!!!   No passion, no energy, no toughness, no strength to his game.   He's just out there!
    He is a dime a dozen nba'er.   High school all world (and state champ) cause he is bigger than most players and he has some skills.   College,  he's good but, GU not the typical 'GU is good' success.   I'm sure he is like a lot of 6'5" and over players, "I'm gonna play in the nba".   Troy Murphy, TBattie, all big men from UNC (except Hansbrough), Greg Monroe, Rashard Lewis, my two favorite: Yi Jianlian and JaVale MeGee!   Sheldon Williams (DA/Papille's old friend), Koufos,  DeAndre Jordan, Jason Thompson.   I'm sure I could name many more.   Tall, lankey and soft.   Always nba potential because of their size.   But, like TMurphy, will never make their team better.   Never lead their team to playoffs because of these characteristics.   GMs like DA/Papille, who don't know basketball players can fall in love w/ these big media players.   The Spurs stay away from them.   Thunder did a 2fer.   Got rid of Krystic and JG!  
   All-time softee: Shareef Abdur-Rahim (close 2nd is our own RLafrenz ..lol...and Glenn Robinson).    All time lankey, but tough guy is the newly elected to the HOF: Dennis Rodman!   RLafrenz, Troy Murphy (instead of LPowe), Pavlovic...LOL!