Trade for Oakfor?

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    Re: Trade for Oakfor?

    In response to PHX85014's comment:

    I think Okafor would be great with the Celtics , I would definitely trade Bass, Terry ,Collins and #1 pick to get him

    Getting rid of Terry means Barbosa stays and plays a bigger role.

    I think Okafor and Garnett would be awesome together and it would be great to get rid of Terry's and Bass's contracts.

    Oakafor would be my #1 big man target , it might take less to get Gortat from the Suns but he is #2 on this list. I think Oakfer would be way better than Perkins next to Garnett


    Why would Washington want Terry and BAss?  If anything they would want Lee and maybe Green.

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    Re: Trade for Oakfor?

    Ainge said he didn't feel any pressure to add another rebounder, noting, "Actually, the center spot is probably our deepest spot with [Kevin Garnett], [Chris] Wilcox and [Jason] Collins playing and all healthy." Ainge added that depth will likely prevent rookie Fab Melo from getting much of an opportunity (he did play 2½ minutes of trash time on Friday and still looks insanely raw).