Trade for Shane Battier

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    Re: Trade for Shane Battier

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    Tomorrow we play the Blazers.  Wes Matthews is now starting for them.  How about Nicholas Batum as a cheaper replacement for Battier?
    Posted by hedleylamarr

    I'd think Batum has more upside than Matthews and has a great PER this season at around 17.

    I'm not sure Portland would part with him even for Avery Bradley and our 1st rd pick this year.

    As a defender is he much better than Daniels? I know he's a much better shooter and gets the same amount of steals, but how he'd fare against SF's 30-(or 50 lbs w/ LBJ) heavier is unknown to me.

    Matthews is 3" shorter than Batum but a better defender, he'd likely be our version of Michael Pietrus but would KILL our cap space for summer 2012.

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