trade Rondo?

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    Re: trade Rondo?

    A lot of you refuse to admit. Why is rondo getting a lot of assists? Is it because he can't shoot, and has to pass it to someone else? what is a non_shooter suppose to do but pass? would he have a lot of assist if he could shoot? He rebounds because a non_shooter suppose to go under the basket and help get a rebound. (sometimes stealing out of a rebounders hand) His lack_of just makes everyone else to have to work harder to make up for his lack_of. Just something to think about. Things happen for a reason. See the reason. Rondo is tradable.
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    Re: trade Rondo?

    If Rondo could shoot I think he would get even more assists since the defense would have to play him tighter and this would make it even harder to stop his penetration.