Trade Rumor

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    Trade Rumor

    Against better logic, I was hoping hard that the rumor with the Clippers would result in a blockbuster trade announcement bringing in Griffin, Bledsoe and either DeAndre Jordon (C) or Butler (SF) for Pierce, KG and Doc.  

    I would prefer Jordon or a first round pick over Butler, but I pull the trigger with any three options. Heck, i would even throw in any two of:  Terry, Lee, Wilcox or Melo for all four! 

    If the discussions were really initiated, unfortuneately as time goes by, it is more and more unlikely that Danny will get anything done. Danny has not emphatically denied the rumor.  He is saying that its silly and not worth even commenting about.  He did not say... NO.  Maybe it's time that Danny lower expectations and realistically value his players (and coach) or nothing will ever get done and we will be rebuilding with detritus for years.   Very disappointed to see this extraordinary opportunity die on the vine... and if it wasn't real to begin with, Danny should start the conversation NOW!

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    Re: Trade Rumor

    I don't think it ever was a REAL rumor

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    Re: Trade Rumor

    The whole Doc and Griffin part seemed a big stretch.

    Doc might be the sweetener that LA gives up a 1st rd pick for or makes ownership, the guys who squashed it last time (Del Negro and Paul were all for it I guess) willing to trade 23-25 year olds for 35-37 year olds.

    KG and Pierce for Bledsoe, Jordan and Butler works $ wise. If there was a 'wink wink' deal in it where Doc is released from his contract to sign with LA, then I'd be ok with it. Clippers throw in a 2014 1st rd pick.

    The C's could always have an 'interim' type coach for a year until Danny sets the roster, trades 1-2 young guys, has 1st rd picks next year, Rondo gets healthy, etc. Then make a big push to contend and get an elite coach for 2014-15.

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    Re: Trade Rumor

    Yeah, if there were a barrier, it would have been including Griffin in any deal as the Clip fan base would be incensed.  and I also do the deal that you described with Bledsoe, Butler, Jordon and a 1st  

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    Re: Trade Rumor

    In response to damfuno's comment:


    Sterling, the Clippers owner, has never spent money on top coaches............what makes anyone think that he would spend $5,000,000 for Rivers ..........

    Two words.  Chris Paul.