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Trades are hard

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    Trades are hard

    Rondo makes 11 mil per any trade would have to come within 80% of that I do believe. A guy like cousins only makes 3.5 so the kings would have to add several players to make it work. Then if the trade was made then your talking about players getting use to each other after the allstar break. I really don't think anything major will happen I think Ainge will sit tight and let the chips fall. Pierce will have to be amnestied next year his free fall will only get worst and no way can the C's pay him 20 mil at this stage of hicareer . 

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    Re: Trades are hard

    Danny boy has to decide whether he wants to try to salvage the season by being an 8th seed and one and done in the playoffs or make full scale changes. Cousins would be a move in the right direction. at some point he is going to have to say enough is enough. everybody is tradeable.