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    Re: Trolls?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Trolls? : Maybe. Many of us go way back WAY before 08. Revenge for 2008? How about revenge for the Bird era or the Russell era dominations... the back and forth that makes the rivalry so intense going back decades. The trolling is off this year because the mods are doing a better job...and the Lakers are struggling too. Frankly the trollspankers here are getting a wee bit lonely and want someone to taunt/abuse. This thread is little more than an invitation for trolls to return to BDC and engage. If the Lakers were doing super well (or the C's super poorly), this thread would not happen. Pud 
    Posted by puddinpuddin[/QUOTE]
    Didn't realize Lakers fans needed revenge for the Bird era. Thought Magic took care of that. ;)
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    Re: Trolls?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Trolls? : Didn't realize Lakers fans needed revenge for the Bird era. Thought Magic took care of that. ;)
    Posted by FlobusMcNugget[/QUOTE]

    Compared to the bitterness and one-sidedness of the C's/Lakers rivalry during the Russell/Wilt era.... you are certainly correct.

    Magic and Bird made the rivalry especially keen... with hearts broken on both sides.... but the revenge factor goes back/forth for many, many years... in both directions.

    Its nice that the rivalry has been revived... at long last.

    Lets hope it continues at a high level.

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    Re: Trolls?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Trolls? : I don't think most of it was gloating. Look at this board, for example. After the Lakers won this year, there really wasn't much in the way of gloating around here. Hardly any. I'm just throwing an idea out there - that many Laker fans, feeling confidence in the growth and player moves the team made combined with a deep seeded desire for revenge, took it out on this board via trash talk the past two years. That said, I expect many will be back, especially when playoff time rolls around. Perhaps you think I am wrong. I am sure you will let me know.  
    Posted by FlobusMcNugget[/QUOTE]

    I don't think you are wrong.  You have an opinion.  Mine is just different.  Here is what I know:

    I never posted on here until 2008.  That is the year I moved to CA and needed a place to talk to other Celtics fans.  Right after we won, thinking I could enjoy our first championship in 22 years, lakers fans came on here and said it didn't really count because you didn't have Bynum, which we all know is not true.  He wouldn't have mattered, and you wouldn't have Gasol if Bynum didn't get hurt.  I did not enjoy listening to that talk on a Celtics forum.  Then I noticed, they stuck their noses into every conversation we had.  Be it about next year (2009), a statue for Russell (Chamberlain was better), praises for Doc (Phil is better)....etc.  No, I think lakers fans are sore losers in general ( not that most people aren't), and came on here to attempt to lessen our victory with endless drivel about how they should have won in 2008.  Why they are not on here as much now has more to do with the improvement in the mods than with them not having anything to say.  I do not think they'll be back for the playoffs.  I think in general lakers fans are fair-weather fans, and only show their faces when the team is doing well.  This board is intended for Celtics fans who want to discuss the highs and lows of each game and season.  Most of us have followed our team for many years, including the ML Carr, Rick Pitino and Gaston-owned fiascos.  I doubt the lakers fans we have on here could survive one of those, let alone 3.
    Lastly, I think having lived on both coasts now I can say with a great deal of confidence that lakers fans are more obsessed with beating the Celtics than the converse.  I can't speak for anyone else, but I could care less who we beat, as long as we win.  We don't get double points for beating the lakers!
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    Re: Trolls?

    hedleylamarr, you make a good point.  I am born and raised CA, but huge celtic fan and I have also noticed when the playoffs come around everybody is a Laker fan and now in my workplace, they are pretty quite :)  Most of the Laker fans where I am at really do not know much about the history or how the team is doing during the season (not to say all of them)  All I know is that I really do not want to hear it from them for another year so we need to win this year!!!

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    Re: Trolls?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Trolls? : Just go to the Patriots site on  You will find many trolls posting and I would imagine that it will continue for some time. 
    Posted by susan250[/QUOTE]

    Yep.  Until Sunday.