Seriously. Last night, the worthless Stiff put the nail in the coffin for me that he is really Pathetic. Time winding down, murphy is open in the corner for a 3, they pass him the ball, he had two options. He could have either shot and missed, which we could all have lived with, OR, he could've  tried one of Paul Pierce's signature moves and faked the guy into fouling him and that would've been an easy 3 free throws. Who am i kidding, its not really Paul Pierce's invented shot, pretty much every player is doing it but for some reason, Troy Murphy looks like he is always Stoned and wet drunk then somebody who is supposed to be on a basketball court.

As much as I disliked Brian Scalabrine for making Celtics fans into complete clowns cheering him on when he was here, Troy Murphy has upped him a notch. Even Brian Scalabrine made 3 pointers and did, "just the little smart things" on the court in a game or two to make a difference. But in reality, for the most part, Scalabrine s u cked but DAM, Troy Murphy just makes me wish we had Brian Scalabrine to at least throw up a shot or dive for a loose ball.