Troy Murphy thoughts

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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    OK, I see your thinking.  Still don't agree with it at all but I see where you're going.  If you're going to pay a bum, however, for the minimum, I can think of better guys to try.  Heck, I'd try a big man from the D league rather than least he's young and quick and MIGHT have some future.   
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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    He was hopelessly out of shape and couldn't play at all.

    He'd have to come to camp and prove it before I'd invest a nickel.
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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    Give Murph a chance.

    he's a white dude that the celtics needs who can rebound.Laughing

    if he is cheap then I would give him a chance.
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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    I think when you look at what Murphy's role will be, you cannot argue that he would be a good 3rd PF providing 15 minutes max per game (probably less).  I also believe that when you consider the options across the league (for a 3rd PF role) and that he can provide valuable minutes, you have to give him a chance because there just isn't much out there.

    I think more than anything, it will be critical for Doc to abandon his stubborness and play these guys.  Doc has got to play Ray, KG and PP fewer minutes and it's got to start early in the season and continue throughout.  Doc has to put backups in and let them make mistakes until they get it right.  It won't matter much who's on the roster if Doc does not properly manage and develop the players on the team.

    If Murphy gets a training camp under his belt and gets comfortable in his minutes, I know he would be a contributor on this team.
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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    In Response to Re: Troy Murphy thoughts:
    Here's the guy you're advocating we use to help solve the problem of the C's being too old and slow when compared to the Bulls and Heat: 2010/2011 with 2 different teams: 32 yrs old by next season 36% field goal % 15% 3 point shooting 67% Free Throw shooting 3.2 rebounds 0.7 assists o.1 blocks per game 3.1 points per game I don't get the excitement about someone like that.   He's AWFUL and only getting OLDER!!!!!   This is not what we need to play with Rondo.
    Posted by Celtsfan4life

    The problem wasn't just speed, rebounding was huge. We were killed with second chance points.

    As for Murphy's stats, those 3.2 rebounds were in 13 minutes a game. Play him 30 minutes a game (Baby's minutes) and that rebounding rate translates to 7.5 rebounds a game. compared to 5.4 from baby. baby plays better defense (when he is motivated) but he also is a worse shooter. Statistically, baby was worse than Rondo from the midrange.

    Yes Murphy only shot 15% from three this season but he was out for the most of the year and his short minutes didn't help him get into a rhythm. The year before this season, his three point shooting was close to 40%. Murphy can spread the floor and force an opposing center/power forward to guard him on the perimeter.
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    Re: Troy Murphy thoughts

    Murphy gets a one way bus ticket out of Boston. Ainge gets a one way ticket back to Salt Lake City or Provo Utah-Baby gets a one way ticket to the Bayou country with a 30 min. stop at the nearest Golden Corral!